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The PREP Cosmetics team LOVES to create, design, and implement products and packaging that consumers will be drawn to and will want to buy. If your company has a need for a product, we are here to help! We will take on the entire project – from the ideation, the sketch, and the prototype to the final sample, the production line, and the delivery straight to your distribution centers. We are well versed in all the work it takes to get a product ready for retail stores. The manufacturing process happens right here in the United States, and most of our work is done locally in our hometown of Plano, Texas. We are proud to be a boutique company. Nimble and motivated, we work quickly to meet your deadlines.


Target Corporation reached out to us with a need for a colorful bath salt for their specialty bath section. Rather than using an epsom salt, they wanted to feature a luxury sea salt.

Our design goals were to achieve the following:

  1. Use the best ingredients, so consumers will fall in love with the product and want to repeat buy!
  2. Create a luxury, upscale product at a value price.
  3. Make it giftable, which encourages consumers to buy the product for themselves as well as for others as a present or treat.


Target Corporation reached out to us requesting a holiday bath salt gift set. We were given a tremendously tight deadline of only 24 hours to create a holiday concept + product renderings. Our team worked around the clock to deliver on time, and we LOVE our final design!

Our design goals were to achieve the following:

  1. Create a beautifully packaged holiday gift set that will stand out on shelves.
  2. Make the gift set super versatile so consumers will want to gift it to multiple people.
  3. Provide value to the consumer by offering a high quality gift set at a very reasonable retail price.
  4. Stay away from holiday gimmicky colors and use rich, deep colors that speak to the trends while still capturing the holiday feel.

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